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A Major Supplier of Refinishing Coatings for Bath Tubs, Tile, & Countertops

Sink before & afterRefinisher's Warehouse has all the refinishing coatings and supplies necessary for bath tub refinishing and reglazing, bath tub resurfacing, and ceramic tile refinishing for the professional refinisher. Our exclusive refinishing coatings are used for refinishing ceramic and porcelain tile, countertop refinishing, and tile reglazing.

Refinisher's Warehouse refinishing coatings are specially manufactured to our specifications, under strict and exacting standards and are by far the finest most durable stain and chemically resistant refinishing coatings available today! Our corporation is devoted to extensive research and product development, and our goal is to provide only the finest bath tub resurfacing coatings, reglazing and refinishing materials available today.


glaz-weldThe Advanced Molecular Bonding System - A Technological Breakthrough

GlazWeld™ utilizes a high performance fusing chemistry which is based on unique formulas specially designed for countertop and bathroom refinishing. It is a new technology for surface preparation and literally fuses the finish coat to the surface. It is quick, easy and safe to apply. GlazWeld™ must always be used in the surface preparation of porcelain bathtubs, sinks, showers, ceramic tile, etc.

For Professional Refinishers...

Refinisher's Warehouse provides a complete line of refinishing products: coatings, solvents and equipment, for the Professional Refinisher, to refinish porcelain sinks and bathtubs, fiberglass, ceramic tile and appliances. We also offer a nationwide referral service service of professional, dedicated trained refinishers in your area. Call us today!