FAQ About Refinishing Products

Here’s our frequently asked questions about our refinishing products and services.

  1. If I need help while doing a job how do I get it?
    Just call our toll free Tech support line. Help is just a free phone call away. Refinisher’s Warehouse can assist you with any problem you might encounter.

  2. I am a refinisher and was trained by another company, and currently buy my products elsewhere; however I am thinking about changing suppliers. Can I order your products without any problems?
    Yes! Just give us a call, we ask a couple of questions, fill your order, and rush the product out the door, it’s that simple.

  3. I currently buy coatings from one company, equipment from another company and sandpaper from my local paint store; I do a lot of running around to get my supplies. What do you sell?
    Refinishers Warehouse stocks everything you need to operate your refinishing business, our own proprietary coatings and solvents, tints, razor scrapers, sandpaper, plastic measuring cups and bottles as well as the spray equipment units and parts. When we say we are a One Stop Refinishing Supply Super Store, that’s what we mean.

  4. Am I limited to a few shades of white and almond?
    No, we can computer match ANY color, just call us. We also have two color fan decks of our own or you can use any fan deck that is available at any paint store or home improvement store.

  5. Isn’t your paint the same as everyone else’s?
    NO! At Refinisher’s Warehouse we have our own proprietary coatings, which are made for the application you the refinisher are using them for. The coatings are manufactured to be used on Porcelain and fiberglass tubs and showers and plastic laminate countertops. All refinishing coatings are not created equal.

  6. What is a bonding agent?
    Well for Refinisher’s Warehouse, the bonding agent is the chemical that makes the coating stick to porcelain or ceramic tile. Our product is called Glaz-Weld and we were the first to offer such technology. Just wipe it on and spray your coating. No dangerous acid etching, no spray on primer. And with Glaz-Weld, our refinishers are giving up to 10 year guarantees against peeling.

  7. Isn’t acid etching the porcelain better, don’t you get more bite for the paint?
    NO! Acid etching is OLD school and has long been outdated. When you acid etch, then spray on the primer, that’s what is called a mechanical bond, the primer just lays on the rough surface. With Refinisher’s Warehouse, Glaz-Weld bonding agent, the coating is fused to the existing porcelain surface at the atomic level and creates a bond that will virtually last a lifetime.

  8. Are your coatings cheaper than what I’m currently paying?
    I don’t know what you currently pay for your products; however it’s not Refinisher’s Warehouse goal to be the cheapest supplier. Our goal is to be the BEST SUPPLIER, offering the finest coatings made especially for bathtub and countertop refinishing, stock the best equipment and supplies and to give the best service and support possible. Refinishers Warehouse will not sell cheap paint that doesn’t hold up over time, just to sell a couple of gallons to you now and then. Our coatings are the finest on the market and they will last!

  9. How long have you been in business and aren’t you new to the refinishing business?
    No we are not new; Refinisher’s Warehouse has been in business since 1982. We started out training professionals how to refinish then evolved into a very large supply company, creating our own coatings and bonding agents and stocking everything the professional refinisher might need in their business. Refinisher’s Warehouse doesn’t just sell the coatings and equipment, in our local market we also refinish, using the same products that we sell to you everyday. We also provide in house training.