Refinishing Coatings - SuperGlass™ Brilliance

refinishing coatings superglass 9000High Solids Glaze Coat

This Refinisher's Warehouse new coating is for the times when your customers "just have to have it NOW", when they can't wait 24 or 48 hours. SuperGlass™ Brilliance dries to use in just 4 hours. SuperGlass™ Brilliance is a smooth High Gloss finish and can be tinted any color that you or your customer desire. This Super Fast, SuperGlass™ coating is great for your Hotel and Motel customers when they can't let a room sit empty for a day or longer. SuperGlass™ Brilliance has a mixing ratio of 9 to 1. Nine parts coating with One part A-400 Activator, and then is thinned to a maximum of 10% with the new SuperGlass™ Brilliance Reducer.

Available in Quart & Gallon Size

catalyst a-900Catalyst A-400

Available in 8 oz Size