SuperGlass™ Diamond System.

Refinisher’s Warehouse SuperGlass™ Diamond series is a two component industrial high solids glaze coat designed to provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance over porcelain and fiberglass substrates. Additionally SuperGlass™ Diamond provides positive cure down to 40°F, with excellent color and gloss retention. SuperGlass™ Diamond is specifically designed for application to high gloss surfaces such as porcelain bath tubs, ceramic tile and appliances where a high gloss film is desired.

SuperGlass™ Diamond is not an epoxy paint product. It is an Acrylic Polyurethane System. Rapid cure and exceptional gloss retention are other notable features of the SuperGlass™ Diamond products.

Refinisher’s Warehouse SuperGlass™ Diamond Fast Dry is the same as the SuperGlass™ Diamond except that this new formula dries in 24 hours, rather than the standard 48 hours. Same mixing ratio, same activator, same thinner. The SuperGlass™ Diamond Fast Dry is just a quicker 24 hour product allowing you to offer your customers “Next Day” use.

Available in Quarts and Gallons, and we also customize colors.

Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean, dry and free of oil, grease and other contaminates. Cleaning methods include use of Refinisher’s Warehouse Dissolve-X cleaner, Industrial Power Cleaner (IPC), Prep Solvent and Silicone Wash. Surface should be lightly sanded with wet or dry sand paper prior to application of coating

Mixing Ratios.

Mix 3 parts of SuperGlass™ Diamond Fast Dry with 1 part of SuperGlass™ Diamond Activador thin with SuperGlass™ Thinner up to 30%. Mix the three components thoroughly for five minutes prior to use.


Use conventional or airless spray for application. Brush or rollers is not recommended.