SuperGlass™ GlazWeld

SuperGlass GlazWeld

The Advanced Molecular Bonding System Found Exclusively at Refinisher’s Warehouse.

Current (now outdated) methods of preparing bathroom and kitchen surfaces for re-coloring by etching with acids and sanding are dangerous, time-consuming, expensive… and they can lead to microscopic pores in the prepared surfaces that virtually guarantee eventual failure of the new surfaces due to blistering and loss of adhesion.

Refinisher’s Warehouse SuperGlass™ GlazWeld is a molecular bonding agent. SuperGlass™ GlazWeld utilizes a high performance fusing chemistry which is based on unique formulas specially designed for kitchen and bathroom refinishing. It is a new technology for surface preparation and literally fuses the finish coat to the surface. It is quick, easy and safe to apply. GlazWeld must always be used in the surface preparation of porcelain bathtubs, sinks, showers, ceramic tile, etc.

SuperGlass™ GlazWeld is a revolutionary product that fuses the new coating to the substrate material at the molecular level: it’s the practical equivalent of chemical-welding the new coating to the fixture or appliance. In effect, the two become one!

Refinisher’s Warehouse is the developer and originator of GlazWeld, which is often copied but never equaled!