Axis Products

Refinisher’s Warehouse is proud to feature Axis Products. Axis Products is a leader in respiratory protection products. Axis Products is the only company who produces the patented ProAir respirators. The unique method of delivering fresh air to your face mask lets you breathe cool, fresh air all day long. Axis Products never skimp on any components and all of their systems are produced right here in the USA.

Comes complete with a standard output air pump, 40 foot Breathing hose, and your choice of either a ½ mask or a full face mask and a belt. It operates on 110-120 VAC, 1.6 amps, and pumps 8cfm of clean fresh air into your face mask.

AXIS PRODUCTS also manufactures a complete line of HVLP Paint Spray Systems.

The CITATION PRO, NIOSH approved HVLP Paint Sprayer/Respirator System is available with either 3 or 4 stage turbine power for paint spray application. The Citation includes a supplied air respirator powered by a separate air pump in the cabinet. With the Citation Pro you have your choice of half mask or full face mask.

The Axis SP2003 HVLP is a 3 stage turbine. It comes standard with a high quality professional series HVLP spray gun designed to give automotive quality finish results, or the unit can be purchased without the gun. The unit pumps out 5.5 PSI, at 110-120 VAC 12.4 amps and comes with a 20 foot hose.

The Axis SP2004 HVLP is similar to the SP2003, except it has a 4 stage turbine that puts out 7 PSI which will greatly reduce the particle size the material being sprayed. It comes with a 40 foot hose, 7 PSI at 110-120 VAC, 12.6 amps.