Titan Tools

Wagner Capspray merged with Titan Tools and is now know as Titan Tools. The Capspray units are now Titan Capspray. Fine finishing is a scientific art form that requires experience, talent, and the very best sprayers and equipment available, and Titan Capspray delivers. After 3 decades of dependable performance in the field, Titan Capspray has earned a reputation as one of the best in the industry.


  • Titan Capspray 75 HVLP.

Titan Capspray-75-

  • Titan Capspray 95 HVLP.

Titan Capspray_95

  • Titan Capspray 105 HVLP.

Titan CapSprayElite-115

  • Titan Capspray 115 HVLP.

Titan CapSprayElite-115