PearlsRefinisher’s Warehouse pearlescent pigments show color through the optical effect of thin film light interference. Pearlescents contain no conventional light absorbing pigments. The colors come from the interference of light reflected from different surfaces of thin films, much the same as the colors seen in the films of oil on water or soap bubbles. One very interesting unique optical property of pearlescent pigments is their ability to show multiple color effects. They can show two different colors when viewed at two different angles.

These pearlescent pigments are a dry powder and designed to be stirred directly into clear coat. The clear coat is then applied over the color base coat of your choice. Base coats in white or black give some of the most stunning results. Blue, Green and Red base coats also show some striking effects. But since the pigments are to be used in the clear coat, you can spray it over any color, with varying degrees of noticeable effect.

Refinisher’s Warehouse Pearls are available in White, Gold, Copper and Bronze.

Available in 8oz Containers

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