SuperGlass™ Thinner


SuperGlass™ Thinner is a Refinisher’s Warehouse special blend. Specially formulated blend for use with our SuperGlass™ coatings, containing only the highest grade ingredients and special flowing agents. Some cheaper brands of thinners contain ingredients that can lead to “solvent popping” pin holes, and can also contain a large amount of water, causing havoc with your refinishing job. You are a Professional and you use the BEST products available. Don’t cut corners with your thinner to save a buck because not all thinners are the same. Refinisher’s Warehouse SuperGlass™ Thinner was developed as an integral part of our coating system and was developed with the correct evaporation and flow rates for our SuperGlass™ coatings. Using the correct thinner is very important to your finished product.

Available in Quart, Gallon and Five Gallon Size

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