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Need Help In The Field With Our Refinishing Coatings and Supplies?

Technical Support: 503-558-0647

Part of Refinisher’s Warehouse philosophy is: “Help the associate grow and succeed by offering the finest refinishing coatings available, along with knowledgeable technical support” in turn Refinisher’s Warehouse will continue to grow and succeed.

Technical support is not an afterthought, it’s a commitment. If you have a problem with a job, that you’re doing right now, and need immediate help! Call and you will get experienced, professional help. Refinisher’s Warehouse will not pass the buck and turn your question over to the secretary or the warehouse help, you will get help from an experienced, working, trained, professional refinisher.

You have a question whether or not something can be done, or how something should be done. Call we’ll be glad to help you and answer your questions.

Technical Support